Squanacook Cooperative

Weeks & Dates

This page refers to week numbers of UNFI's 4-week delivery cycle, where week #1 is the week after our delivery.

For actual dates, see our Squanacook Coop Perpetual Calendar page.

Choose the monthly catalogs & lists that corresponds to the truck departure date (day before delivery), not the order date.

Splits Suggestions

You can begin entering your splits suggestions at the UNFI website on week #1 (the week after delivery). Submitting your suggestion early maximizes the opportunity for others to join your split.

Splits Requests Due

Enter your splits requests at the UNFI website by 5:00 pm on Wednesday (week #3). If you'd prefer, you can call or email Lisa H. with your specific splits requests.

After the Splits Requests deadline, our Splits Coordinator will review all requests and let us know if there are any cases that need filling.

Orders Due

Enter your order at the UNFI website before 5:00 pm on Friday (week #3).


Orders are delivered, sorted and distributed at the Townsend Meeting Hall on Wednesday (week #4), unless that day is a UNFI holiday.

The Townsend Meeting Hall is at 14 Dudley Road (between the Senior Center and the Public Library). Use the driveway off Rt. 13, and follow the signs to the Library.

Our scheduled delivery time is approximately 9:00 to noon on Wednesday. On the day before the delivery, you can check the estimated delivery time on the UNFI site by clicking the "Arrive" button at the top of every Customer Portal page.

On the morning of the delivery, the expected delivery time is announced with an email to our Google Group and a text message to members' cell phones.

Each member with an order is expected to be at delivery. Members help with unloading the truck, dividing the order, and checking that each individual order has been filled correctly.