The Squanacook Cooperative is a once-a-month cooperative buying club in Townsend, Massachusetts. We’ve been providing high-quality packaged goods and refrigerated and frozen food to families in Townsend and surrounding communities since 1992.

Our coop runs almost entirely online: via the Web, a Google Group, and personal email.

Wholesome Food

Our primary supplier is United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. United Natural Foods is one of the nation’s largest natural food distributors.

Through United, we have access to many products that would otherwise be difficult to find, including items for just about any diet including gluten-free and lactose-free. In addition to staples like rice, beans, and flour, which can be bought in bulk, we also choose from a full range of organic, natural and minimally processed grocery products. There are over 65,000 items in all, ranging from packaged goods of all kinds to dairy products, frozen entrees, dried fruits, beverages, snacks, personal hygiene products, vitamins and supplements, and environment-friendly household cleaning products.