Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Squanacook Coop?
The Squanacook Coop is a UNFI Buying Club in Townsend, Massachusetts.
Is there a membership fee?

We have no membership fee.

What payment do you accept?

Coop members pay by check or PayPal for their monthly orders on delivery day.

We are not authorized to accept SNAP coupons (food stamps) at this time.

What products are available?

You can view UNFI’s catalog of 60,000+ products on their website:

  1. Start at
  2. Click “customer login” at the very top of the home page.
  3. Login with these values:
    • Username: Chesterfield
    • Password: BuyingClub12
  4. To find specific products, click the “Search Products” section, which offers browsing by brand name or category, plus searching by keyword.
  5. For the entire price list (a PDF document), …
    • Click the “Publications” section.
    • Click “Catalogs & Pricelists” in the left column.
    • Select the top PDF.
What is the spelling of the Coop’s name?

Like many Native American names, there several spellings for the name of the river flowing through Townsend and Groton:

  • Squanacook: Squanacook Food Coop, Squanacook Junction Railroad (Pepperell)
  • Squanicook: Squanicook Associates Real Estate, Squanicook Colonial Quilt Guild
  • Squannacook: Squannacook Early Childhood Center
  • Squannicook: Squannicook Hall Hook & Ladder (old Elm Street fire station)

The simple rule for remembering our Coop’s name: 2 As & 1 N.